European News

West Midlands MEP welcome Wi-Fi ruling

An opinion from the European Court of Justice that businesses which offer free, open Wi-Fi in their premises should not be liable for how it is used, has been welcomed by a local Conservative MEP.

MEP invites local police to share expertise on firearms

The West Midlands-based National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) is to participate in the current review into gun laws across Europe. Experts will give evidence to the EU rapporteur who is currently examining and amending proposed legislation announced in the aftermath of the Paris attacks in November.

McIntyre: New steel jobs blow means EU must act

Today's announcement by Tata Steel of more than 1,000 job losses in the UK must result in action from the EU which is already overdue, says Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre.

EU Q&A sessions to go region wide

An information session on Britain's impending EU referendum on Thursday 7 January drew a packed audience and was declared a great success and will now be the launchpad for a series of similar meeting across the West Midlands.

MEP anger as socialists block key EU debate on steel

Anthea McIntyre spoke of her dismay today after a socialist-led coalition of MEPs blocked a request from Conservatives for an emergency debate to be held in the European Parliament this afternoon on the plight of the steel industry.

Alarm sounded over new EU jobs ruling

Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre has expressed alarm over potential implications of a new  European court ruling on workers' hours. The judgment published by the European Court of Justice rules that travelling time to and from jobs must be counted as part of the working day for employees who do not have a regular fixed place of work.

Cheer as EU drops "anti-jobs" directive

Anthea McIntyre MEP today welcomed an announcement that plans for a set of EU rules on maternity leave have finally been dropped. Conservatives have consistently opposed the proposals on the grounds that countries should be allowed to decide their own maternity arrangements, instead of having a set of conditions imposed by Brussels.