European News

MEP quizzes Agri Commissioner on new CAP rules

West Midlands Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton has warned the EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, about the implementation of the new greening measures of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 

Local MEP calls on EU to speed up new EU-Mexico trade deal

Whilst the Mexican President is in London to discuss greater links between our two countries Dan Dalton MEP met with the Mexican Ambassador to the EU to talk about how to speed up a new EU-Mexico free trade agreement.

New West Midlands MEP promises to make Europe work for the region

The new Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands has today taken his seat in Strasbourg. Daniel Dalton MEP said that whilst he would prefer to have been elected under different circumstances, he is honoured to be able to play a role in helping to reform Britain's relationship with the EU, and in representing the West Midlands in Europe, rather than the other way around.

Daniel Dalton confirmed as new MEP

Following the recent death of Philip Bradbourn, Daniel Dalton has been officially returned as the new MEP for the West Midlands region.

Breakfast for Nuneaton Businesses

Nuneaton's business community turned out for breakfast on Friday to meet Anthea McIntyre MEP & Marcus Jones MP and discuss how the EU can contribute to creating a hospitable environment for businesses to grow and create jobs.

Tory blueprint on EU job creation

Conservative MEPs today urged the EU to strive for a flexible labour market, improved skills-training and greater focus on entrepreneurship and business leadership.