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MEP backs Land Rover as business thrives

West Midlands Conservative MEP, Philip Bradbourn, has visited Land Rover’s production plant in Solihull and hailed it as a success story. In recent years the once threatened factory has gone from strength to strength as successful new models have driven up exports and created jobs throughout the local supply chain.

Holidaymakers set for greater peace of mind following European Parliament vote

The law on package holidays was last set in 1990 - during the days when package holidays were booked at the travel agents, with holidaymakers browsing through brochures. Today, most holidays are booked online with greater customisation of packages, either through one trader or several linked websites. Existing rules are not clear on what protection is available for holidaymakers, often leaving both traders and travellers in the dark when something goes wrong. However, the legislation adopted by MEPs today will bring the directive in line with the internet age to provide greater protection for the 120 million people who buy customised travel packages.

Harbour – blazing the trail for Ceramics

Malcolm Harbour, MEP for The Potteries has welcomed an initiative to set up the ‘European Route of Ceramics’ which will help to highlight Stoke-on-Trent's position as a centre for ceramic excellence.

Malcolm Harbour to stand down

Malcolm Harbour, who has been a Conservative West Midlands MEP since 1999, has announced that he will be standing down at the European elections in May.

Harbour backs Effective Logos

Well designed logos are more eye catching than text. They can supply a lot of important information to busy shoppers quickly and clearly..