European News

Vehicle Re-registration To Become Easier In EU

West Midlands Conservative MEP, Philip Bradbourn, has welcomed a new proposal for Vehicle Registration across the EU. Under the plans it will become easier and more affordable to re-register vehicles across the EU when moving abroad for work or retirement. 

Harbour welcomes European Funding for Jobs and Growth

Malcolm Harbour, West Midlands MEP has welcomed the announcement that over €900.00 million of European funding will be available to support jobs and growth in the regional economy starting from next year until 2020.

Harbour backs 30max Campaign

Malcolm Harbour, West Midlands MEP is backing the European Chambers of Commerce campaign calling for all public bodies to pay their bills to the private sector within 30 days.

Harbour raises Scam Problem in EU Parliament

Malcolm Harbour, West Midlands Conservative MEP has led the political initiative to highlight the awareness of a business scan which is ‘doing the rounds’ and has raised the issue in the EU Parliament.

Poultry business is not paltry

One of the UK farming industry’s largest sectors is poultry – the sector employs around 55,000 people in all aspects of the business and half of the meals with meat we eat involve chicken, turkey, duck or goose.