Dunne welcomes extra £20bn a year for NHS

South Shropshire MP and former Health Minister Philip Dunne has warmly welcomed the Government announcement that the NHS will be given an extra £20 billion a year in real terms by 2023-24, as part of its 70th birthday celebrations.

In return for this investment, the Prime Minister has asked the NHS to produce a new clinically-led 10 year plan that tackles waste, reduces bureaucracy and provides better access to mental health services – ensuring that every penny of funding is well spent.

This will be confirmed by NHS leaders around the time of the Budget when the Chancellor will identify how this will be funded.

Mr Dunne said: “I am absolutely delighted the government has announced it will increase health spending by an extra £20 billion a year in real terms in the NHS by 2023-24 – a 3.4% increase per year on average.

There will be some who will continue to seek to weaponise the NHS, for whom health funding is never enough. But they should not detract from this historic increase in funding, which is over and above any funding promised by major parties at the last election.

Of course, with such vast increases in funding, the public has a right to expect that every pound is used properly to improve health services, and not frittered away. So it is right to ask senior NHS management to come up with a plan to tackle waste and bureaucracy and to dovetail this funding plan with a long-term workforce plan, a capital allocation plan, the social care green paper and plans to improve mental health and cancer outcomes.”

The Prime Minister has made clear she expect that the whole NHS improves productivity and efficiency; eliminates provider deficits; reduces unwarranted variation in the system so people get the consistently high standards of care wherever they live; gets better at managing demand effectively and makes more effective use of capital investment.