Julian Knight selected for Solihull

An award winning national newspaper editor and author has been selected as the Conservative's PPC for Solihull ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Born in Chester, Julian Knight is a senior editor for the Independent newspaper working across money, property and economics.

Having studied history at the University of Hull, Julian was the BBC News personal finance and consumer affairs reporter for five years before joining the Independent. 

A Party activist for almost a decade, Julian is also the author of six books covering everything from British politics, the eurozone crisis, tax law and how to play cricket.

Commenting after his selection, Julian said: "It is an absolute thrill for me to be selected by the Solihull Conservatives as their candidate. I am really looking forward to taking the fight to our opponents and winning the seat back for the Conservative party.

"Solihull is a great place to live, with a close-knit community and I firmly believe that the Conservative party best represents the values and aspirations of Silhillians."