MEP invites local police to share expertise on firearms

The West Midlands-based National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) is to participate in the current review into gun laws across Europe. Experts will give evidence to the EU rapporteur who is currently examining and amending proposed legislation announced in the aftermath of the Paris attacks in November.

The West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton invited Detective Chief Superintendent Joanne Chilton and colleagues to give evidence to the investigating panel.

“The unit's officers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am delighted that they have agreed to participate in this review. Their input will be invaluable,” said Daniel.

The EU first introduced gun laws twenty-five years ago but these have not been updated since then.

Daniel added, “The world has changed in the last two decades with the internet and the free movement of people and we need to update the laws to reflect that, while at the same time not penalising museums or sportsman who have a legitimate need for a firearm.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Chilton who will lead the delegation giving evidence said, “I am grateful the work and expertise of the unit is being recognised at a European level and we will do all we can to best inform those drafting new laws.”

“Our commitment to tackling every aspect of gun crime is absolute and we hope the new laws will reflect the needs of all residents of the West Midlands.”