MEPs hear young people's bright ideas on jobs

Young people's ideas for a better Europe were put before politicians at a groundbreaking meeting chaired by West Midlands Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre.

Some 100 teenagers and young adults visited the European Parliament in Brussels to tell MEPs what they should be doing to improve their future prosperity and well-being.

They were presenting proposals and ideas generated in a report stemming from European Youth Event 2016 when thousands of youngsters gathered to debate and propose solutions to Europe's biggest issues and challenges.

Miss McIntyre chaired a meeting of the Parliament's Employment and Social Affairs Committee where a wide range of proposals were put forward for boosting job prospects and cutting youth unemployment.

Ideas covered better integration of migrants into the labour market, bridging the skills gap and how to help young people start their own  businesses.

Miss McIntyre said: "It was a breath of fresh to listen to these enthusiastic young people put forward their thoughts.

"It is too easy for politicians to think they have all the answers. We need to be receptive to new suggestions, especially from the people who have their lives ahead of them and live with the results of our decisions.

"From setting up one-stop shops for young entrepreneurs to access funding, to making learning more relevant to the world of work, these young people were brim full of bright ideas."