MP thanks West Mercia for achievements in reducing crime

Worcester’s MP Robin Walker who successfully campaigned to keep Worcester’s City Centre policing team has congratulated the West Mercia Police force for their achievement in seeing a 13% fall in overall crime figures and recent high profile arrests of drug dealers in the city.

West Mercia’s figures are even better than the national average of a 10% reduction in crime under the Coalition government, which includes a 15% fall in gun crime and in knife crime, a 7% fall in vehicle crime, a 13% fall in robberies and an 8% reduction in burglaries. One of the few categories of crime which has risen in the area is drug crime by 3%, which makes it particularly cheering that there have recently been some high profile arrests and convictions in this area.

The latest quarterly figures published by the police also show significant falls in the local area of South Worcestershire with overall crime down by 8.7% (4074 incidents to 3722). Domestic burglary is down by 46.2% (195 crimes to 105) with 25.7% of those being solved. Violence with injury is down by 12.5% (401 crimes to 350) with 51% of those being solved. There have been 3,311 incidents of anti social behaviour recorded, compared to 3,407 during the same period last year, and user satisfaction is 87.3%.

Earlier this week Robin attended a special reception in Parliament for the Constables of England and Wales at which he met with local representatives of the Police Federation. By coincidence the West Mercia representative of the Association of Constables is someone who served with Robin’s sister Shara when she was a Police Officer in Telford.

This weekend he will be joining local police officers on to see first hand the challenges that they face in policing the night time economy in Worcester City Centre. Robin has previously undertaken a night shift with the Warndon Community policing team and is looking forward to getting first-hand experience of the night patrols in Worcester’s city centre.

He used the Parliamentary reception to thank the police for their work and has written to the Chief Constable to congratulate him on the recent successes in securing high profile convictions of drug dealers.

Robin said:

“It cannot be said too often how lucky we are to have an excellent police service in Worcestershire and one that is doing a great job in targeting and reducing crime. The latest news about further arrests of drug dealers in Worcester is to be welcomed and we need the whole community to get behind the police in tackling this scourge. It is great news that overall crime figures continue to fall in West Mercia and alongside our partners in Warwickshire, this is one of the top ten force areas in the country for reductions in crime. Of course there is always more to be done and I would like to see the number of crimes solved continue to rise as well as a further reduction in anti-social behaviour, one of the issues that I know from constituents has a massive impact on quality of life.

“I was delighted to support our city centre policing team when their future seemed uncertain and to ensure that they can continue to do their vital work. I am looking forward to a night out with the response team and seeing first hand their role in keeping people safe in the City centre. I know from family experience the passion that police officers have for protecting the public and bringing people to justice. One of the reasons why Worcester is such a great place to be is the dedication and the quality of our police officers and I am determined to give them my full support.”