Nigel Huddleston MP encourages applications to GWR local community improvement fund

Mid-Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston encourages locals to urgently apply for the 2020/21 round of funding from Great Western Railway’s (GWR) local community improvement fund. Since it was set up 4 years ago, 130 schemes have received a share of the £3 million which has been set aside to improve and support villages and towns along GWR’s train routes.

Previous successful bids have included new adventure playgrounds for young children and primary school children benefitted from funding with a programme highlighting the dangers of trespassing on the railways. One of the successful applicants last year received £13,930 for more space for community food growing and gardens.

Mr Huddleston says:

“I would really encourage any group or individual who can think of a worthwhile project to speedily apply for this funding. It’s a welcome opportunity for GWR to give something back to all the people who rely on their trains. Past schemes have shown how valuable this resource can be. I am hopeful that by working with GWR, we can continue to improve not just our train stations and routes, but also develop projects that help the community too.”

Any residents or groups who would like to apply for funding should visit to find out more. If you are stuck for ideas, there is a Guidance Booklet which highlights possible suggestions ranging from station enhancements to finding a use for old buildings around the station. Please do remember proposals need to be submitted by 5pm on September 8th.”