Shrewsbury MP pays final respects to Baroness Thatcher

Daniel Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham paid his final respects on Tuesday night to Baroness Margaret Thatcher in a special viewing of her coffin in the Palace of Westminster’s chapel, St Mary’s Undercroft. The viewing was held for MPs and Parliamentary staff.

Commenting on the occasion, Daniel Kawczynski said:

“For her last stay in Parliament, the viewing held of Baroness Thatcher was one which greatly moved me as I entered the chapel to pay my final respects. Overcome by the gravity of what she did for Britain and the atmosphere of the occasion, I knelt down at her coffin to offer my prayers for the redemption of her soul, and to thank her on behalf of the people of Shrewsbury for all of her contributions which saved our nation.”

The Shrewsbury & Atcham MP also attended Baroness Thatcher’s funeral at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday morning. Commenting on the funeral, the Shrewsbury & Atcham MP said:

“The funeral today was a fitting tribute to Mrs Thatcher. Not only did it show the high regard in which she is held in our country as an individual, but it was also a national acknowledgement of the importance of her service which helped lift Britain out of some of its darkest days”